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Top Republican Declares Congress ‘Beyond Repair’

via Rep. Mark Green
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Republican Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee announced he is retiring from Congress, saying the institution and country are largely broken beyond repair.

In his statement, Green noted he had promised constituents to secure borders and hold DHS Secretary Mayorkas accountable, and with those goals achieved through legislation and impeachment, it was time to return home.

“At the start of the 118th Congress, I promised my constituents to pass legislation to secure our borders and to hold Secretary Mayorkas accountable,” Green said.

Green said the Framers intended representatives to be citizen legislators serving for a season.

“Today, with the House having passed H.R. 2 and Secretary Mayorkas impeached, it is time for me to return home. In the last few months, in reading the writings of our Framers, I was reminded of their intent for representatives to be citizen-legislators, to serve for a season and then return home,” he said.

“Our country — and our Congress — is broken beyond most means of repair,” he added.

He believes the fight is no longer within Washington but against it.

“I have come to realize our fight is not here within Washington, our fight is with Washington. As I have done my entire life, I will continue serving this country — but in a new capacity.”

While thanking his family for support during his military and congressional service, Green also thanked constituents for the honor of representing Tennessee’s 7th District with wide election margins and no primary opponents.

“I also want to thank the constituents of Tennessee’s 7th District for the unbelievable honor to serve them in Congress — whose vote of confidence was not only evident in the wide margins in each election, but also without ever having a single primary opponent in my three elections,” he said.

“And finally, I want to thank my staff, whose unmatched hard work, dedication, and talent have resulted in our many victories and one of the lowest turnover rates in Congress.”

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