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Tlaib Calls For Protest Vote Against Biden Over Israel-Hamas War

via Forbes
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In a video encouraging primary voters, Rep. Rashida Tlaib urged constituents to cast “uncommitted” protest votes against President Biden over his backing of Israel in its conflict with Hamas.

Tlaib, a Palestinian American member of the progressive Squad, advocated creating a voting bloc to oppose U.S. support for what she called “wars and bombs and destruction.”

Rep.Tlaib said, “We don’t want a country that supports wars and bombs and destruction. We want to support life. We want to stand up for every single life killed in Gaza.”

“This is the way you can raise our voices, to make us even more visible,” she explained.

“Right now, we feel completely neglected and just unseen by our government. If you want us to be louder, then come here and vote uncommitted,” advised the lawmaker.

She argued this would make voices against the administration’s stance “louder.”

While Biden has defended Israel’s right to self-defense against Hamas’ attacks and sought hostage releases, he is now urging Israel not to carry out a ground invasion of Gaza.

Biden said, “I’ve made the case — and I feel very strongly about it — that there has to be a — a temporary ceasefire to get the prisoners out, to get the hostages out. And that is underway. I’m still hopeful that that can be done.”

He continued, “And in the meantime, I don’t anticipate — I’m hoping that you — that the Israelis will not make any massive land invasion in the meantime.”

However, Tlaib and her affiliated group are pushing uncommitted primary votes as a “clear message” to Biden to change his policies and better represent young anti-war protesters.

According to their website, Listen To Michigan, wrote, “He’s not representing the young people who put him in office and turned out in the midterms — and are now out protesting his policies in the streets.”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) encouraged constituents to cast a protest vote in Michigan’s primary to challenge how the Biden administration has backed Israel during its fight against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

In a video posted to social media on Saturday, Tlaib advocated for creating a voting block to oppose the conflict that ramped up after Hamas conducted terrorist attacks on Israeli soil in October, killing an estimated 1,200 people.

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