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Ronald Reagan’s Daughter: Cognitive Tests Are A ‘Good Idea’ For Presidents

via NBC
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In an interview, Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis said she thinks presidents should undergo cognitive tests given the advanced ages of Biden and Trump.

When asked about this issue by NBC, Davis, whose father left office at age 77, agreed it would be a good idea to test candidates due to the effects of age.

NBC’s Kristen Welker said, “[Biden] is in his eighties, former President Trump, the frontrunner, is in his late seventies.”

“Do you think there should be cognitive tests for people running for the highest office in the land?” she asked Davis.

“Probably. Yeah,” Davis replied.

“I mean, in just what we know about what age can do. It doesn’t always do that, but it would probably be a good idea. Yeah, no, my father was 77 when he left office after two terms. It seems so young now, doesn’t it?” she continued.

Elsewhere in the discussion, Davis believed her father would be appalled by today’s lack of civility and cruelty in politics.

“I think he’d be appalled,” suggested Davis.

Davis explained, “He didn’t understand lack of civility. He didn’t understand attacking another person. I mean, he could be, you know, pretty pointed in what he would say about someone else. But he didn’t understand cruelty. And that’s what we’re dealing with now. And I think he wouldn’t understand that. I think he would be really scared for our democracy. I don’t know who – I think he would address people more than any candidates. I think he would address the American people at what has divided us.”

She added, “And, I mean, in my own opinion and, I don’t know, I think this probably is how he would think, is our divisions really started because we’re all so scared.”

She said Reagan disliked personal attacks and would want to address Americans’ fears that have divided the nation.

Davis felt he would encourage people to see each other as human beings instead of opponents.

Overall, the interview suggested Reagan’s daughter thinks cognitive screening could help address issues presidents may face late in life, and that her father valued unity and kindness over the harsh partisanship currently prevalent.

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