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Krugman Defends Biden’s Age, Mental Acuity

via Bloomberg Television
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Paul Krugman, a columnist for the ‘New York Times’, spoke about President Biden’s capabilities, emphasizing his lucidity and effectiveness in office.

Krugman highlighted Biden’s successful policies and contrasted this with Trump’s alleged incoherent speeches.

Krugman said, “He’s very lucid, well — very well-informed. He speaks quietly and a little bit slowly, but, you know, that — but the one thing that really strikes me about this is, there hasn’t been, as far as I know, a single claim that Biden made a mistake, that he did a — that he did a — something wrong in terms of policy because he’s old.”

“He took us through an economic crisis. He’s taken us through a — everything. There was a huge crime wave which began under Trump that has now largely receded. And let’s also be aware that, if we’re going to be talking about the candidates’ fitness for office, there’s this other guy who’s running who is only four years younger than Biden and, unlike Biden, has not taken care of himself,” he continued.

“And if we’re going to be doing long-distance diagnosis, listen to one of Trump’s speeches. I mean, they’re — he’s — they’re rambling. They’re incoherent. They’re full of fantasies. I mean, if I didn’t know that this guy was running for president, I would say this is not a guy I would want to trust to operate heavy machinery,” explained Krugman.

“I mean, this is a — if you were going to do any kind of comparison of how they come across — a lot of the media reporting on Trump is sanitized. You get a report about his speech that picks out some phrases and actually even makes them grammatical, when they weren’t,” claimed the NYT columnist.

He suggested that, if comparing fitness for office, Trump’s speeches seem concerning, while Biden’s actions in office have been notably effective.

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