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Kid Rock’s Oceanfront Home Hangs In The Balance As Erosion Threatens Coast

via Fox News
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Oceanfront homes on both coasts face the threat of erosion, risking collapse into the sea.

Properties owned by Kid Rock and Conair heiress Babe Rizzuto in Florida have lost land to the Atlantic Ocean.

“It doesn’t help the sales effort, that’s for sure,” listing agent Andrew Russo said.

While some damage occurred, the homes remain intact.

In California, multimillion-dollar estates in Dana Point are at risk due to cliff erosion.

“Sea level rise will cause an increase in coastal erosion, and the human response will be critical,” the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit reads.

“If we choose to build hard structures in an attempt to keep the shoreline position stable, we will lose beach area due to scour. If we let the shoreline migrate naturally, we can expect to see erosion rates increase, especially in regions of the coast that are already dealing with starved sediment budgets and rapid shoreline migration. Increases in storm frequency and intensity in the future will also cause increased coastal erosion.”

Coastal erosion is a significant issue, with over $1 trillion worth of property near coastlines.

The U.S. is shifting towards nonstructural methods like beach nourishment to combat erosion, as sea level rise exacerbates the problem.

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