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Kamala Harris’ Bold Message Sparks Debate

via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Vice President Kamala Harris expressed her readiness to assume the presidency if necessary amid concerns about President Biden’s age and mental sharpness.

Harris confidently stated her preparedness to serve and emphasized her leadership abilities.

Harris previously said, “I am ready to serve. There’s no question about that.”

This comes in the wake of a report by special counsel Robert Hur highlighting significant limitations in Biden’s memory.

Special Counsel Robert Hur wrote, “Mr. Biden’s memory was significantly limited, both during his recorded interviews with the ghostwriter in 2017, and in his interview with our office in 2023. And his cooperation with our investigation, including by reporting to the government that the Afghanistan documents were in his Delaware garage, will likely convince some jurors that he made an innocent mistake, rather than acting willfully-that is, with intent to break the law-as the statute requires.”

“We have also considered that, at trial, Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory. Based on our direct interactions with and observations of him, he is someone for whom many jurors will want to identify reasonable doubt,” the report continued.

The report raised concerns within both the Republican and Democratic parties about Biden’s age and its potential impact on his re-election prospects.

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton also acknowledged Biden’s age as a legitimate campaign issue and suggested that he emphasize his experience and wisdom.

Hillary Clinton said, “I talked to people in the White House all the time, and you know, they know it’s an issue, but as I like to say, ‘look, it’s a legitimate issue.’”

“It’s a legitimate issue for [ex-President Donald] Trump who’s only three years younger, right? So it’s an issue,” she continued.

“I think Biden also should lean into the fact that he’s experienced and that experience is not just in the political arena. It’s like, the stuff of, you know, human experience, character, wisdom,” she added.

“I think he should be willing to really pull that out … and I think he should kid more about it,” concluded Clinton.

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