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‘Fake elector’ says he was tricked into signing document claiming Trump won

via ABC
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Former Wisconsin Republican Party chair Andrew Hitt revealed in a “60 Minutes” interview that he was misled into signing documents as part of a “fake elector” scheme, advised by the state GOP’s legal counsel.

Hitt expressed discomfort with Trump campaign efforts to challenge Wisconsin’s election results and didn’t believe in widespread fraud claims.

“We got specific advice from our lawyers that these documents were meaningless, unless a court said they had meaning,” Hitt said.

Despite feeling pressured, he signed the document in case Trump won legal battles.

The fake elector scheme involved signing documents under the supervision of a Trump campaign lawyer.

“It was not a safe time,” he said. “If my lawyer is right, and the whole reason Trump loses Wisconsin is because of me, I will be scared to death.”

“If I knew what I knew now, I wouldn’t have done it,” he said. “It was kept from us that there was this alternate scheme, alternate motive.”

“Whenever anybody sees our text messages, our emails, our documents, they understand, they know — their conclusion is we were tricked,” Hitt said. “The Jan. 6 committee saw it. Jack Smith, specifically in his indictment, refers to ‘some of the electors were tricked.’ That was us.”

Hitt resigned in 2021, and fake electors in Wisconsin settled a civil suit, admitting to the scheme.

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