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Democrat Accused Of Shutting Down Businesses That Won’t Donate to Her

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The mayor of a small Illinois community, Tiffany Henyard, has faced criticism for her behavior, with some accusing her of dressing inappropriately and abusing her power.

Critics claim she forced a business to close after not making a campaign contribution and has incurred a significant village debt.

“People look at politics like a joke, it’s like a mockery right now because of all this stuff,” Village of Dolton Trustee Kiana Belcher said. “She comes to board meetings dressed like Nino Brown.”

“I made the payment,” business owner Lawrence Gardner said. “Then every year she started coming and required the same thing, and we had a problem about that.”

“What is she, Nino Brown?” he said. “Anything she wants done, she gets them to harass you. She likes nobody. If you are not doing what she say, if you are not doing how she’s saying to do it, you are a problem. She don’t like them.”

“Some people take it as being glamorous by having a bunch of police officers around you and being escorted and being driven around,” former Dolton Mayor Riley Rogers said. “I never had a security detail as mayor.”

“I tried to stay away from the money,” he said. “It’s not your money so you can’t use it like it’s your piggy bank.”

Residents express regret over supporting her and describe her as a tyrant and dictator.

“It was a vote that I regret,” Village resident Sherry Britton said. “Please put that in there! It was a vote that I regret deeply. When she got into office, she just shut everyone out and she went into the opposite direction. She became this tyrant and dictator.”

“It seems like her aspirations and goals are for her to be a reality star,” she said. “She didn’t [previously] wear all that make up. She just now thinks she’s this reality star. I don’t know this for sure but they say she is filming a reality show, because the cameras are always with her.”

Henyard has defended herself against criticism, citing race as a factor.

“You all should be ashamed of yourselves because you all are black. You all are black! And you all sitting up here beating and attacking a black woman that’s in power,” Henyard said in a meeting.

The village’s financial troubles have led to threats of vehicle repossession.

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