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Bride’s big day ruined after overhearing wedding guest’s comment

via ABC
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A woman attending a wedding mistakenly congratulated the wrong person, thinking she was the bride.

The bride overheard and became upset, leading to a tense situation.

“A few days ago I went with my boyfriend” to his cousin’s wedding, a Reddit user wrote.

“We have been together for almost three years, so he thought it would be a good time to introduce me to them.”

“My boyfriend got a call, so he told me to wait a moment,” she wrote.

Then, “two minutes after that, I saw a woman [wearing] a beautiful wedding dress.”

“I said hello, and then I congratulated her for the wedding — and this is when things went wrong,” she said.

“The woman I was talking to wasn’t the bride,” she wrote.

“The bride heard what I said (she was in a room near us, but I didn’t notice ’cause everything was silent).”

The bride “got upset and started crying,” she wrote.

“When my boyfriend approached us, I explained the situation.”

“My boyfriend and his family reassured me, saying it wasn’t my fault — but the bride, her mom and the groom are upset with me.”

“I never saw [the bride’s] face” prior to the wedding, “so when I saw a woman in a wedding dress, I immediately thought she was the bride.”

“I still feel bad, so a friend suggested [that I] post [the story on] Reddit to have some outside opinions.”

Despite feeling guilty, Reddit users largely supported the woman, suggesting the bride’s reaction might have been misplaced.

Some commenters advised the woman to move on and not dwell on the incident, attributing the bride’s reaction to potential emotional stress or confusion.

“It seems so weird that she would be angry at a person who she’s never met before being confused because someone else decided to wear white [at] her wedding,” one Reddit user commented.

It seems as if “A, she was actually mad at [the other woman] for wearing white and trying to hijack attention, but she displaced her anger [toward] you as a less threatening target; and B, she was simply overwhelmed and very emotional on the big day, and it just exploded at that moment,” they added.

“Do not think about it again. Live your life and be happy.”

“Do not think about it again. Live your life and be happy. This bride, however, has some serious mental health issues and you should stay away from someone so unstable,” another wrote.

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