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Kevin Costner reveals new business venture

via ABC
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Kevin Costner is establishing Territory Film Studios in St. George, Utah, with plans to begin construction soon.

The studios will feature sound stages, production warehouses, offices, and amenities like a restaurant and catering department.

“He has truly fallen in love with this state because it’s so diverse and so beautiful and people,” Greater Zion Tourism Office sales and event manager Joyce Kelly said. “So, I knew what he was looking for, and I believe I found him the right partner. And so they’re going to do a joint venture they called Territory Film Studios.”

“We think it’s going to be an amazing studio. We think it’s an amazing location… Very accessible to LA, Las Vegas and incredible scenery. You know, whether you’re filming indoors or outdoors, we think it’s going to be an amazing experience for filmmakers worldwide,” she said.

“Currently we have 4,000 students enrolled in film school and higher education and colleges throughout Utah,” she said.

Inspired by his series “Horizon: An American Saga,” Costner aims to create easily within the community.

“Kevin’s total compensation for acting, producing, and directing in Horizon 1 is approximately $12,000,000, and for Horizon 2 is approximately $12,000,000, most of which he voluntarily deferred,” court documents read.

“Kevin estimates that this money will ‘waterfall’ back to him starting in late next year. Kevin also has a profit participation in Horizon 1 and 2, which is yet another source of income.”

The project is a significant investment for Costner, requiring personal funding and even mortgaging property.

“I’ve mortgaged 10 acres on the water in Santa Barbara where I was going to build my last house,” Costner said. “But I did it without a thought. It has thrown my accountant into a [expletive] conniption fit. But it’s my life, and I believe in the idea and the story.”

Despite the financial risks, Costner has a history of self-funding successful projects such as “Dances with Wolves.”

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