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Haley Issues Grave Warning Of Trump Taking Over RNC

via ABC
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Former governor and presidential candidate Nikki Haley warned that if Donald Trump were allowed to install loyalists in charge of the RNC, it could deplete the party’s resources and hamper efforts to win control of Congress in 2024.

Haley noted Trump had already used $50 million in campaign funds for personal legal cases.

ABC’s Jon Karl said, “As you have talked about as well, Trump is engineering a takeover of the Republican National Committee, and he wants to make his daughter-in-law the co-chair.”

Haley replied, “I mean, it should be a wakeup call for Republicans all over this country. I mean, you look at the fact that we saw in his campaign reports that he used $50 million of campaign contributions to pay for his personal court cases. Then, he tried to get the RNC to name him the presumptive nominee. We don’t anoint kings in America. So when he got pushback on that, they started to walk it back.”

She said making his daughter-in-law co-chair and campaign manager the operations director risks turning the nearly broke RNC into a “piggy bank” to pay Trump’s ongoing legal fees.

“Now he’s trying to control the RNC by putting his daughter-in-law as the co-chair and putting his campaign manager as the director of operations,” she continued.

“Now, when you look at that, the part I worry about is the RNC is now going to be the piggy bank for Trump’s legal fees. The RNC is almost broke already. Now you go and see he’s looking for other avenues to pay his legal fees. You can hang up winning the House and the Senate or having any resources for us to win any other races if all they’re doing is thinking about how they’re going to pay his court fees,” concluded Haley.

Haley argued this focus would undermine the ability to win House and Senate races by draining resources needed for other campaigns.

She presented this as a “wakeup call” for Republicans about ceding control of the party apparatus to Trump.

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