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Fox News’ Watters: ‘This Is a Financial Assassination Attempt of a Political Target’

via FOX
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Jesse Watters criticized the $350 million ruling against Donald Trump, noting the case was brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who campaigned against Trump rather than crime.

Jesse Watters said, “A judge in New York is ordering Donald Trump to pay over $350 million in fines and banning the former president from running a business in the state of New York for the next three years.”

“This case was decided by a single judge, Judge Engoron, a strange guy, but not as strange as these charges. They were brought by New York attorney general, Letitia James who campaigned on fighting Trump, not crime,” he continued.

James visited the Biden White House three times. Watters said the statute was meant for clear cases of fraud with victims and damages, but this case had neither – no banks or customers complained and all parties profited.

“This statute was written to criminalize phony salesmen, swindling folks out of their homes, or fake doctors selling bogus therapies. Crimes with clear victims and damages. In this case, there were no victims or damages, not a single bank or Trump customer ever complained. Everyone made money and Trump paid hundreds of millions in taxes and employed thousands of people,” explained the host.

James claimed Trump overvalued assets like his penthouse and Mar-a-Lago, and the judge, dubbed “Judge Nudy” by Watters, agreed despite an appeals court ruling most charges passed the statute of limitations.

Watters said, “Letitia James said Trump’s penthouse was not as big as he said it was, and Mar-a-Lago was only $18 million. And Judge Nudy, we call him that because he takes nude gym selfies agreed and slapped the Trump Organization with a killer penalty, even though an appellate court ruled that three-quarters of this case had passed the statute of limitations.”

Legal experts say Trump will easily win on appeal, but Watters argued this was a political financial assassination attempt, with the judge also placing an observer inside Trump’s organization for three years.

“Now legal experts say Trump will easily win on appeal, but that’s not the point. This is a financial assassination attempt of a political target,” claimed Watters.

“The judge is also placing an observer inside the Trump organization, in other words a mole for the next three years to blow the whistle if he sees any fraud or if he notices the marble floors are too shiny. Now if Trump wins re-election, expect them all to declare fraud,” he concluded.

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