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Elon Musk demands users stop ‘deadnaming’ X

via New York Times Events
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Elon Musk, who bought Twitter and renamed it X, criticized author Stephen King for refusing to call it by its new name.

King had tweeted concern over a report that X may be violating sanctions by accepting payments from banned entities like terrorist groups.

“According to the New York Times, terrorists may be paying for blue check marks on Twitter (I refuse to call it X),” King wrote.

Musk ridiculed King for “deadnaming” X, a term used for misgendering trans people.

“Stop deadnaming X… Respect our transition,” Musk wrote.

However, others noted Musk had previously deadnamed his own transgender daughter.

Trans attorney Alejandra Caraballo called out Musk over this, referencing how his daughter had legally changed her name and cut ties with him.

“Why? You never respected your daughter’s [transition],” Caraballo wrote.

“If you can deadname your kid, we can deadname your app, Elon,” another user wrote. “You aren’t owning anyone here.”

King doubled down, tweeting “Twitter” repeatedly in criticism of Musk feeling the need to brand everything with his name.

The public backlash highlighted perceived hypocrisy over Musk invoking trans terminology considering his own family issues.

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