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Democrat Blames Trump for Death of Putin’s Opponent Alexei Navalny

via C-SPAN
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Ted Lieu, a Democratic congressman, suggested on MSNBC that Donald Trump’s comments about NATO could have led to the death of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny.

Lieu implied that Trump’s remarks may have emboldened Russia to harm Navalny.

“Why did Navalny all of a sudden die at this point in time?” Lieu asked.

“I first of all, agree with President Biden that Russia is responsible for his death. Also, what happened in a few days leading up to his death? Well, we had former President Donald Trump essentially say that Russia should attack European countries.”

“That is crazy. That is traitorous language.”

“Russia certainly was listening, and I think they thought, hey, we now have a green light to do all sorts of crazy stuff,” he said.

However, the theory overlooks the complexities of international relations and paints a simplistic picture of Putin seeking approval from a former U.S. president.

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