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Tony Bobulinski Attorney Lashes Out At Democrats

via FOX
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Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, accused House Democrats of attempting to undermine his credibility after he testified for over eight hours regarding the Biden family’s business dealings.

Bobulinski’s lawyer, Stefan Passantino, said Democrats made “disingenuous mischaracterizations” of his client’s statements, claiming he provided facts about meeting Joe Biden and Hunter discussing remuneration packages with a Chinese firm.

Stefan Passantino wrote, “We are watching the death throes of a political narrative that will be shattered upon the imminent public release of Mr. Bobulinski’s testimony before the House Committees on Oversight and Judiciary yesterday.”

“The facts are before Congress and will soon be before the American people. Minority assassination of Mr. Bobulinski’s character and grotesque mischaracterizations of his words will only serve to highlight the gaslighting and vilification Mr. Bobulinski has endured since he reluctantly came forward almost four years ago to share with the public the facts of his business experience with the Biden family,” his letter continued.

“As the public will see soon enough, Mr. Bobulinski has the facts and the receipts, and no amount of character assassination will change that,” insisted the attorney.

Democrats disputed this, saying Bobulinski lacked credibility and offered no evidence of wrongdoing by the president.

Rep. Jamie Raskin claimed that Bobulinski “offers absolutely no testimony that indicates any criminal activity by President Biden… or evidence that President Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s businesses.”

Passantino wrote, “Equally concerning are the false allegations impugning Mr. Bobulinski’s character and statements about law enforcement. Unlike those making these accusations, Mr. Bobulinski has a proud and exemplary history of serving this country in the military and his patriotism cannot be questioned.”

“As the transcript will show, Mr. Bobulinski did NOT accuse the FBI of lying about his voluntary statements before them in October 2020. The transcript will show that when Mr. Bobulinski was asked by the Minority about second-hand accounts of his words rather than asking him direct questions, Mr. Bobulinski simply corrected errors in the FBI’s internal 302 report about his statements,” he continued.

“As Mr. Bobulinski testified yesterday, these errors could have been corrected years ago if Mr. Bobulinski had been shown the FBI’s internal summary or if ANY government agency had reached out to us at the time,” charged Passantino.

Rep. Jasmine Crockett said, “Let’s read between the lines here: we asked questions on the very real credibility issues with your witness.”

“If his claims can’t stand up to the most basic scrutiny, that’s on you,” added the Texas Democrat.

Rep. Robert Garcia posted, “Hey Chairman Comer. You invited a sham witness and we asked basic questions — his lack of credibility is on you!

“Why not release the transcript?” he taunted.

They have urged releasing the transcript.

Tensions rose as Republicans said Bobulinski directly contradicted the FBI’s account of his past statements, while Democrats questioned his credibility as a witness in their impeachment inquiry against Biden given unaddressed inconsistencies.

The debate centers on partisan disputes over Bobulinski’s testimony about the nature and extent of Joe Biden’s potential involvement in his son’s business affairs.

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