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Pro-Trump Truckers Boycott NYC After Verdict

via WHAS 11
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Some pro-Trump truckers are refusing to transport loads to and from New York City in response to a judge suspending Trump’s ability to run businesses in the state and fining him $355 million in a civil fraud case.

A trucker known as “Chicago Ray” posted a video saying he and around 10 other drivers will deny NYC loads starting Monday.

Ray denounced the judge’s ruling as BS, saying truckers are tired of “leftists” targeting Trump.

Ray said, “I’ve been on the radio talking to drivers for about the last… hour and 15 minutes… I’ve talked to at least ten drivers… they’re going to start refusing loads to New York City starting on Monday.”

“I’ve been on the radio for over an hour and I’ve talked to at least (10) Truckers who are gonna start refusing loads of Monday for (NYC) …I talked to (3) guys that I work with who texted the boss and told him no (NYC),” he continued.

“I got about three drivers that I drive with… they already fought with the boss telling him they ain’t going to New York City,” continued the Pro-Trump trucker.

“I’ll tell you what, you [expletive] around and find out! We’re tired of you [expletive] leftists [expletive] with Trump,” he explained.

“Leave Trump alone with the [expletive]… you know you ain’t got [expletive] on Trump, so cut the [expletive],” he added.

Other drivers like “American Trucker” and “The Disrespected Trucker” joined the boycott pledge on social media.

“American Trucker” wrote, “We got your back @Chicago1Ray. No NYC.”

“The Disrespected Trucker” contributed, “I vow that I will not make one delivery to New York. NONE! Who’s with me? Truckers for Trump!”

They added, “You can call me every name in the book and I’m still not going to deliver to New York.”

Ray claimed bosses don’t care if they reject loads and that over 95% of truckers support Trump.

Ray claimed, “Our bosses don’t care if we deny the load, we’ll just go somewhere else!”

Adding, “Truckers are for Trump. I mean, we’re like 95, 96 percent… all Trump. Ain’t no [expletive] for Biden.”

Trump himself signal-boosted Ray’s video, indicating support for the protest.

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