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Disney Accused Of Rejecting Oscar-Nominated Because He’s White

via CBS
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A Hollywood insider report from months ago accurately predicted the casting of Disney-Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four film.

The report claimed Jake Gyllenhaal was passed over for the role of Mr. Fantastic due to his asking price being too high and because the film would be “too white” with him in the role.

Los Angeles Magazine contributor Jeff Sneider reported, “With Kirby, Quinn, and Moss-Bachrach lined up for the other three leads, Feige foresaw another issue with Gyllenhaal besides the actor’s fee.”

“I’m told he feared that the cast was ‘way too white,’ in the words of one insider. Reed Richards would be the character eyed to diversify the cast,” he continued.

It stated Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige wanted to diversify the cast by giving the role to Chilean-born actor Pedro Pascal instead.

Fan reactions to the casting choices have been mixed, with some questioning Pascal for Mr. Fantastic while agreeing the other three roles were well-cast.

The report suggests diversity played a larger role in casting Mr. Fantastic than the other roles.

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