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Critics Say Sean Hannity’s Valentine To Joe Biden Is ‘Xenophobic’

via FOX
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Sean Hannity targeted immigrants from mostly Arab and Muslim countries in a sarcastic Valentine’s Day message aimed at President Biden.

Hannity was responding to a White House tweet mocking a Republican congressman for opposing border funding.

The White House posted, “Roses are red / Violets are blue / The border deal was crushed / Because of you.”

In his message, Hannity referenced immigrants from Iran, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, China and Russia entering the US under Biden.

Hannity said, “Gee, you think they’re coming with their families for a better life?”

“Or maybe some of them have nefarious intentions for the country,” he continued.

“How about ‘Roses are red/ violets are blue / people from Iran, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, China and Russia are all here / because of you, Joe,’” suggested the Fox News host.

Social media users widely criticized Hannity’s remarks as xenophobic, racist and counterproductive to diversifying the Republican party.

Critics argued immigrants have historically built up the US and that free thinking inspires greatness, citing Steve Jobs who was Syrian.

Overall, Hannity’s Valentine’s message denigrating immigrants from certain countries was condemned as projecting racism.

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