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Chiefs Fans Tackle Alleged Shooter, Describe The Moment As The ‘Gun Came Out’

via ABC
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During the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade, a shooting occurred outside Union Station leaving one dead and around 14 injured.

Brave fans tackled one of the alleged shooters on video to prevent further violence.

Local hospitals went on high alert as victims were rushed for treatment. Authorities are investigating the motive and sequence of events.

The White House offered federal assistance.

“We’ve also received a call from the White House that offered all federal assistance in the investigation. We had federal agencies present today. We appreciate that, and certainly in the days ahead and the hours ahead, we will make sure we continue to do this work,” Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said.

An eyewitness described hearing gunshots and seeing three people shot, including one with a leg wound.

“We heard 10-12 gunshots, but we thought they were fireworks, so we didn’t really panic at first or get too worked up. But then everyone started screaming and took off running,” parade attendee Kade Collins said.

“Once the crowd moved out of the way, I could see 3 people with gunshot wounds on the ground. I saw one girl with a gunshot wound to her leg. A second woman was also shot and had something tied around her leg to make a tourniquet and her leg was covered in blood.”

“There was a guy right by her and he was in a lot worse shape – he was laying flat on his back. There were multiple people around him helping him. All 3 of these people seemed pretty young. In their 20s to 30s. We were trying to get out of there as fast as we could,” Collins said.

“My dad saw the police tackle a suspect. When we were walking out, there was someone pointing and saying ‘he’s right there, he’s right there’ and police ran to the guy the crowd was pointing at and tackled him and put him in handcuffs. Everyone took off running and screaming,” she said.

News of the shooting surprised Representative Mark Alford, who noted that he learned of it first on CNN.

A Kansas City Police Chief noted that the investigation is in early stages and ongoing.

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