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White House Thrashed For Valentine Meme

via CBS
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The White House faced criticism for posting a Valentine’s Day meme from its official Twitter account targeting House Speaker Mike Johnson over the recently failed bipartisan border deal.

The meme posted a poem implying Johnson was responsible for the deal’s collapse.

Many reacted negatively to the optics of such an attack from the White House, with some noting the administration’s own role in the border crisis and lack of a comprehensive solution.

“The President is 500 years old and his staff is 12,” Derek Hunter said.

Critics argued the White House refused for years to acknowledge the crisis or propose an effective plan.

“YIKES from the official White House Twitter account,” Jacqui Heinrich said.

“So we’re doing this from the official White House account, huh?” The Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona wrote.

Others offered rewritten poems turning the criticism back on the administration.

“If I was the House Speaker the response would be something like … Roses are Red, Passion Flowers are Azure, For Three F—— Years, You Claimed the Border Was Secure,” Doug Powers said.

“Did Speaker Johnson halt deportations? Stop Remain in Mexico? Halt border wall construction? End the border emergency? Unilaterally resettle millions of unvetted illegal immigrants? Nope that was all you, Big Guy,” Jake Schneider wrote.

“Fixed it,” another X user wrote. “Roses are red, Commies vote blue, You had the House for two years, This one is on you.”

While a few on the left supported the meme, most reactions questioned the judgment behind an adversarial social media post from the White House account.

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