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Teen Faces Felony Charges After Allegedly Leaving Skid Marks on LGBT Crosswalk

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A 19-year-old is facing felony charges for driving over an LGBT-themed crosswalk.

The incident was seen as a hate crime by some, leading to outrage and calls for harsher penalties.

“Would you consider it a hate crime?” reporter Joe Lopez asked one woman.

“Absolutely,” she said. “There are a lot of — I mean — there are a lot of intersections. You pick that intersection because you want to make a point.”

“It’s a message of hate. It’s a message of intolerance. And we need to have, I think, more of a deterrent for that,” Deputy Vice-Mayor Rob Long said.

The application of felony charges for such actions was criticized by many, with critics highlighting the growing influence of “wokeness” as a societal norm.

“Dylan Reese Brewer (19) was arrested and faces felony charges for criminal mischief. His crime? Driving over an LGBTQ mural,” End Wokeness wrote on X.

Some questioned the appropriateness of the charges and the reactions of officials and the public, suggesting a shift towards a new civic religion centered around concepts like “pride” and intolerance for dissenting views.

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