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Nurse helping Americans in Bahamas attack was ‘scared’ by what she saw

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LaDonna Batty was on vacation in the Bahamas came to the aid of two American women who reported being sexually assaulted at a resort.

The women were found unconscious, bruised, and in distress.

Batty said, “I have no disbelief at what happened. These girls had been assaulted and hurt. … I can tell this was a bad situation, and it was going to go south pretty quickly.”

One of the girl’s mothers, Frankie King, received a text that read, “Call us now we’ve been drugged and raped.”

“I knew something happened to them just by looking at them,” recalled Batty.

“I could tell that they had been assaulted in some manner,” explained the nurse.

The nurse provided medical assistance, identified the alleged attacker, and supported the survivors through the ordeal.

“They were terrified. They immediately started crying and getting louder and getting scared. They were trembling even more when they led him into the room,” recalled Batty.

Batty said, “I don’t know why they’re tearing their story apart.”

“But I have no disbelief about what happened to them,” she emphasized.

“When I walked in that room – and that’s all I can speak about is what I personally saw – I knew something happened by the way they looked and how they acted. … They were assaulted in some form or fashion. They were in complete shambles,” explained Batty.

She added that, “He wasn’t bothered at all when they brought him inside and he saw the women.”

Batty said the suspect was located “leaning back in a chair and playing on his cellphone.”

“He was waiting there like it was no big deal,” recalled Batty.

“I have three daughters, and all I could think was that that could’ve been my daughters, and I hope somebody would help them,” she continued.

Batty added, “Those girls are somebody’s mom, someone’s girlfriend, someone’s wife, someone’s sister, and someone did something to them.”

The resort denied the accusations but is under investigation by the police.

LaDonna Batty, went above and beyond to care for the survivors, showing compassion and dedication in helping them recover.

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