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Trump Supporters Admit They Are ‘Fine With Trump as King’

via The Young Turks
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Jordan Klepper of “The Daily Show” visited a Trump rally to interview supporters.

Klepper said, “Trump has been talking right now about — he says he thinks he should be immune from the actions he takes while president.”

“You think he should have total immunity?” he asked the Trump supporter.

When asking if they’d be fine with Trump as king or dictator, many replied yes.

One woman said absolute immunity for Trump’s actions as president was needed otherwise everyone would go to jail.

Klepper said to another couple, “He’s not gonna be like a Hitler dictator. No, more like a Mussolini dictator.”

The couple replied, “Yes, exactly!”

When Klepper joked about gulags, one woman responded that may be what America needs at this point.

The segment highlighted how some Trump supporters are open to abandoning democratic principles and embracing authoritarianism, showing the normalization of anti-democratic rhetoric within parts of his base.

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