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‘The View’ Star Sunny Hostin Calls Donald Trump ‘The Antichrist’

via ABC
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Sunny Hostin, a cohost on The View, delivered a Valentine’s Day message to Donald Trump, criticizing his supporters as “cultish” during a discussion about Tom Suozzi’s election win in New York.

She referred to Trump as the “antichrist” and expressed concern about his potential re-election.

“God forbid, if the antichrist gets re-elected,” Hostin said.

“I mean the former, twice-impeached, how many counts? 91 counts, and civilly liable for sexual assault, if he gets put into the White House, I think there’s a real shot that the Democrats have the House and the Senate if they run these kinds of races.”

“That will at least put a check on the antichrist, right? I also think, if you think about it now, they only have about a one-vote margin… perhaps now maybe we can get that immigration bill passed and maybe we can some work done in the final months of this part of Biden’s administration,” she said.

“I think this was a really big win, and it was a roadmap to other Democrats. Do this, this is the playbook,” Hostin said.

Hostin praised Suozzi’s victory and suggested it could serve as a model for other Democrats.

The View’s hosts have been vocal about their opposition to Trump, with Whoopi Goldberg refusing to say his name on air.

In the past, Hostin faced backlash for comparing white women voting for Republicans to “roaches voting for Raid.”

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