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Taylor Greene Calls Democrats ‘Straight-Up Communists’

via Marjorie Taylor Greene
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene strongly criticized Democrats and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas during a Fox Business interview.

She accused Democrats of being “straight-up Communists” who have “abused their powers” and spied on Americans.

“The Democrats are straight-up Communists,” Greene said. “They have abused their powers, spied on the American people.”

She complained that Mayorkas has failed to enforce immigration laws or secure the border, instead implementing “catch-and-release” policies.

“Think about the way they censor people, threw people off of social media — they used every ounce of power that they had, and it was all for political reasons,” she said.

Greene argued that around 10 million people have illegally crossed the border since Biden took office, costing taxpayers over $300 billion.

“Here’s some of Secretary Mayorkas’s effective results: approximately 10 million illegal border crossers from over 160 countries have invaded the United States since President Biden took office and Secretary Mayorkas has started his job,” Greene said.

“That is an unbelievable expense for the American taxpayers,” she said.

She charged Mayorkas with violating several laws by not maintaining border security.

Greene’s central complaint was that Mayorkas has defended his performance by claiming over 20 times that the border is secure, which she says is clearly untrue based on the surge in illegal crossings, drug smuggling, and costs to local and state governments.

“So what are the results of Secretary Mayorkas’s job performance? He’s violated the Secure Fence Act of 2006 by not maintaining operational control of our border. He’s violated the Immigration and Nationality Act. He has violated the INA by implementing catch-and-release policies when federal law specifically mandates the detention of inadmissible aliens. … He’s violated the guarantee clause set forth in Article Four Section Four of the Constitution, which requires the federal government to protect states against invasion,” she said.

“There have been over 20 occasions that Secretary Mayorkas has claimed that the border is either closed or secure starting even back in 2021 when he is on record stating the border is secure, the border is closed,” Greene said. “He stated to Fox News’s Peter Doocy, ‘The border is closed.’”

“Then he stated again to congressman (August) Pfluger here on this committee. The congressman asked him. He said, ‘The border is secure. We are, we are executing our plan.’ As he stated to Congressman Pfluger, Secretary Maryokas said, ‘I have been very clear and unequivocal in that regard. Congressman, the border is no less secure than it was previously,’” Greene said.

“He also stated to Congressman Michael Guest on our committee when he was asked by Congressman Guest, ‘Do you maintain today in light of the statements made by [former Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz] the border is secure?’ Secretary Mayorkas replied, ‘Congressman, I stand by my prior assessment because indeed, I define it as maximizing the resources we have to deliver the most effective results,’” she added.

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