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Josh Hawley Exposes Democrats’ Hypocrisy On Biden’s Mental Acuity

via Senator Josh Hawley
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Senator Josh Hawley criticized the contradiction of President Joe Biden being deemed incapable of standing trial for handling classified documents while still holding the presidency.

Hawley called for action, stating that if Biden is unable to stand trial, he should not be president.

“The choice is this — it can’t possibly be that Joe Biden at one and the same time is not capable of standing trial and, Sean, can still be president of the United States,” Hawley said.

He emphasized Biden’s alleged memory issues and lack of mental acuity, pointing to instances where Biden appeared forgetful.

Hawley urged either prosecution or the use of the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office, highlighting that Democrats should take action if they have integrity.

“It’s one of the other. And what the special counsel said is he willfully retained classified documents. He willfully disclosed them. That’s a crime, but the special counsel said, oh, but I can’t charge him because, you know, he can’t stand trial. Well, all right, then he shouldn’t be president,” he said.

“So, Garland needs to either charge Biden, prosecute him, or go to the cabinet under the 25th Amendment and say, guys, he can’t be president. We need to remove him. That’s the choice. It’s one or the other. You can’t have it both ways,” Hawley said.

“I mean, what it says is the guy can’t remember when he was vice president,” he added. “Think about that, years as vice president, he can’t remember it. He can’t remember when his own son died. He can’t remember key questions about the Afghanistan debate when he was VP.”

“He clearly is not in charge of his mental faculty, so much so they can’t charge him with a crime, which means he cannot be president of the United States any longer. I mean, it’s just that simple. And, Sean, everybody can see it to your point. The American people know. You could see it in that press conference. He doesn’t know where Mexico is. He doesn’t know who the president of Mexico is. He doesn’t know what’s going on in Gaza.”

“He has no idea,” Hawley said. “The guy is not fit to be president. He should be removed. And if the Democrats had some integrity, they would do it.”

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