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CNN host clashes with GOP lawmaker in heated debate

via CNN
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CNN anchor Brianna Keilar and Rep. Beth Van Duyne, R-Texas, engaged in a tense exchange over U.S. southern border security.

Van Duyne criticized the Biden administration’s handling of border security, emphasizing the impact of fentanyl and deaths at the border.

Rep. Van Duyne said, “Enforcing our laws work. What we have seen is the exact opposite under this administration. And you have seen people dying.”

“First off, illegal immigrants’ criminal conviction rate is 45% below that of native-born Americans in your state, just to be clear. When you raise the specter of ‘they create so many crimes,’ they‘re convicted’ – I mean, when it comes to violent crimes, property crimes, homicides, sex crimes – you‘ve talked in the past about rapes. The numbers just don‘t support that,” claimed Keilar.

“Let’s focus on catch and release,” she continued.

“Can we focus on catch and release, because I do think–” she continued.

“You brought up the question. I just want to make sure we’re responding. It sounds like you’re defending – it sounds like you are defending those immigrants who are here illegally that were beating our police officers,” interjected Van Duyne.

“No, excuse me. Did I – I did not say that,” Keilar shot back.

“Ma’am, I absolutely do not think that is OK and anyone watching that video, I think, should look at that and absolutely say that’s not OK. So, I think you’re really misunderstanding where I’m coming from,” she continued.

“No, it actually wouldn’t have,” replied Van Duyne.

“It would have allowed 5,000 people into our country a day, which is five times as much as was coming through during the Trump administration,” she explained.

“Ma’am, may I please speak… If you won’t let me speak, I’m going to cut the interview off. And I will let you speak in finished sentences. OK, and please give me that respect as well,” said Keilar.

Van Duyne answered, “Thank you very much.”

Keilar countered by highlighting lower criminal conviction rates for illegal immigrants compared to native-born Americans in Texas.

The conversation shifted to a bipartisan Senate bill, which led to further disagreement and ultimately, Keilar threatened to end the interview due to the interruptions.

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