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Abbott Propelled Illegal Immigration As Problem For Democrats

via Gov Greg Abbott
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Biden Campaign Co-Chair Rep. Veronica Escobar discussed the immigration challenges facing the United States, emphasizing the impact of the Western Hemispheric refugee crisis.

She highlighted President Biden’s efforts to address the issue, facing criticism and legal challenges, and the role of Congress in funding and legislating on the matter.

“This is, I think, the most challenging domestic issue that we face as a country. We’re seeing the results of a Western Hemispheric refugee crisis unfolding before our eyes. It’s not just impacting the United States. It’s impacting countries to our south,” Escobar said.

“And, at every turn, as President Biden has tried to institute a new policy or a new plan, he gets criticized from all sides, and then he gets sued by states like my own, as they seek to prevent the President from successfully addressing this challenge.”

“And then you look at Congress, I will tell you, everything happening on the border, all roads lead to Congress, to our failure to adequately fund the President’s budget and his supplemental request, our inability to legislate on this issue.”

“It is tough,” she said.

Escobar also criticized Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for making immigration a local issue for cities like New York, Chicago, and Denver, despite the ongoing challenges at the border.

She attributed the lack of legislative progress to the Republican Party’s prioritization of the issue over seeking a solution.

“And what Greg Abbott has done is he’s made it a local issue for New York, for Chicago, … for Denver. He’s been politically successful. But when you look at the billions — the tens of billions of dollars that Texas has spent, he’s proven that even he can’t control what’s happening on the border,” she said.

“So, I think the President has demonstrated he wanted Congress to act, and it was the Republican Party that chose the issue over a solution.”

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