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Nikki Haley: ‘Unhinged’ Trump Doesn’t Deserve to Be President

via FOX
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Nikki Haley criticized former President Donald Trump on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” calling him “unhinged” and highlighting his disrespectful remarks towards military members.

She expressed concern over Trump’s lack of understanding and empathy for the sacrifices made by military families, emphasizing the importance of respecting those who serve in the military.

Haley said, “This is about every military family who sacrifices and knows what it’s like to have their loved one deployed. And this is about a pattern of Donald Trump. I mean, he has said this before where he calls military members suckers or losers. We know that when he was at Arlington Cemetery, he said, ‘What was in it for them?’ He has never even been close to a military uniform.”

“And for him to go and mock my husband or any of our men and women in the military, it shows how disconnected he is from the sacrifice, and what these men and women do every day not because they care for themselves, not because they do it for fun, but because they know that freedom isn’t free. And they’re willing to shed blood for it. And the idea that he’ll go and make light of something like this is exactly the reason we continue to have problems with him,” continued the former governor.

Haley also warned about the dangers of having an “unhinged” president, particularly in relation to his treatment of military personnel.

“When he leaves the teleprompter, he is unhinged. And everybody can say whatever they want to say, in terms of, ‘Oh, he was a great president.’ An unhinged president is an unsafe president. And if you’ll go talk about those men and women who served us, you don’t deserve to be president,” insisted Haley.

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