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Nikki Haley Is Still Convinced She Can Defeat Trump

via NBC News
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Former Gov. Nikki Haley expressed confidence in her ability to secure the Republican party nomination, asserting that she will beat former President Donald Trump.

When asked about supporting Trump if he becomes the nominee, Haley emphasized her initial stance that any of the 14 candidates, including Trump, would be preferable to Joe Biden.

“So obviously you’re running in South Carolina and you’ve told me that you plan to be around well obviously you want to be the nominee and then the president, but, but you’re going to be around at least until super Tuesday,” Jake Tapper said.

“If the unthinkable happens in your view and you do not win will it be difficult to Support Trump as the Republican Party’s nominee, given what you think about him quite obviously.”

“Well, first, I think that you need to know that I am going to beat President Trump. But you should ask him if it’ll be difficult for him to support me?” Haley said.

“He didn’t sign the GOP pledge in 2016. I don’t think and he certainly not signing it now. So I am I’m sure he would say no,” Tapper said.

“But but I guess you’re not going to commit to voting for him if he becomes the nominee?”

“What I’m saying is what I said from the very beginning when there were 14 candidates on the stage, that any one of the 14 would be better than Joe Biden,” Haley said.

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