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Jon Stewart Goes Off On Trump And Biden In Scathing TV Return

via The Daily Show
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Jon Stewart made a candid return to “The Daily Show,” delivering a critical assessment of both President Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

He highlighted Biden’s recent press conference, criticizing his performance and decision to release a TikTok video instead of a traditional interview.

Stewart said, “So Joe Biden had a big press conference to dispel the notion that he may have lost a step ― and, politically speaking, lost three to four steps.”

“Fire everyone. Everyone!” he demanded.

“How do you go on TikTok and end up looking older?” exclaimed Stewart.

Stewart asked, “What the f— are we doing here, people?”

“Biden’s lost a step, but Trump regularly says things at rallies that would warrant a wellness check,” explained the comedian.

“I’ve learned one thing over these last nine years, and I was glib at best and probably dismissive at worst about this,” he continued.

“The work of making this world resemble one that you would prefer to live in is a lunch pail fucking job day in and day out, where thousands of committed, anonymous, smart and dedicated people bang on closed doors and pick up those that are fallen and grind on issues ’til they get a positive result ― and even then have to stay on to make sure that result holds,” explained Stewart.

Adding, “So the good news is: I’m not saying you don’t have to worry about who wins the election. I’m saying you have to worry about every day before it and every day after. Forever.”

“Although, on the plus side, I’m told that someday the sun will run out of hydrogen,” he concluded.

Stewart also criticized Trump’s behavior and expressed the importance of consistent effort in shaping the world.

He emphasized the ongoing commitment required to create a preferred world and urged vigilance beyond election days.

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