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Joe Rogan Says ‘We Need Jesus’ During Discussion About Scripture

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Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers engaged in a discussion on the need for Jesus to return to Earth, highlighting the lack of guidance in secular society and the impact of ego-centric thinking.

“It’s a f—– up world we live in,” Rogan said. “We need Jesus, I think, for real. Like, if he came back now, it’d be great. Like, Jesus. If you’re thinking about coming back right now, now’s a good time. Pretty soon, yeah, now’s a good time. We’re kind of f—–.”

They emphasized the necessity of divine guidance and the potential for Jesus to address moral decay and societal issues.

“Well, there’s a lot of people that think that might be coming,” Aaron Rodgers responded.

“Well, it might be mark of the beast, that might be the aliens. I mean, that might be what all this stuff is. It might be. We reach a certain point where we’re so unmanageable and so chaotic that something comes down and gives us a guideline. I mean, this is what Moses essentially experienced supposedly, right when he came back with his ten commandments,” Rogan continued.

“This is supposedly what these people that have had these religious visions, none of the religious visions like, oh, my God, we’re f—–. All the religious visions were, there’s a way to do this, there’s a guide, there’s a way to follow, and there’s a greater power that’s above everything, that controls this whole thing and keeps it all together, and there’s laws to adhere that will make for a much better life for all humans and all life on earth.”

“Yeah, it’s hope is a memory of the future. This s— matters,” Rodgers said.

“Everything we do matters. I think atheists, I think, can find their own religion,” Rodgers added. “It might be religion of science or religion of climate change or whatever it might be, but to not believe in a higher power means that really nothing I do matters. Ultimately, I live, I die, that’s it. So whatever purpose you might have, it’s short lived. It’s just for this. There’s nothing else going on.”

“I have a hard time with that because I believe there’s a seen world and an unseen world and there’s forces of good and forces of evil. And that there’s a purpose for all this and there’s a lot of reasons why we’re doing this. There’s a lot of opportunities to do this. I’d like to get it right this time around,” he added.

“That’d be nice. But if there is the Christianity part and Jesus wants to come back and,” he said.

“Save everything, it’d be good right around now.”

Both individuals, while not identifying as Christian, advocate for critical thinking and the need for spiritual guidance.

The conversation delves into the idea of Jesus’ imminent return and its potential impact on current global events.

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