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Biden Co-Chair Addresses Concerns Over President’s Age

via CNN
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Biden Campaign Co-Chair Rep. Veronica Escobar praised President Joe Biden’s ability to address perceived vulnerabilities with humor, stating that people enjoy his self-deprecating humor.

She emphasized that voters are more concerned about significant issues such as comments by Donald Trump, immigration policies, and global stability, rather than focusing solely on Biden’s age.

“I think every time the President leans into what is a perceived vulnerability, he does so well. And that’s the Joe Biden that people love seeing and they enjoy the self-deprecating humor and him sort of bringing to light what people allege to be concerned about,” Escobar said.

Escobar highlighted the need for voters to recognize the contrast between Biden’s leadership and the potential consequences of alternative policies.

“I will tell you, when I talked to voters, they are far more concerned about a number of issues, including some of the incredibly unhinged comments by Donald Trump on Friday. And we need to make sure that voters see this as a very stark difference between an experienced, compassionate leader with a proven track record, who is a great President and someone who wants to unravel the global world order, post-World War II, someone who wants to create encampments for immigrants as he tries to execute mass deportations, and someone who wants to undo NATO.”

“I understand the media is focused on this issue of age, I think American voters, truly, are far more concerned, if you dig deeper in conversation, on other major issues,” she said.

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