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Tucker’s Inheritance: Fact-Checking Controversial $1 Will Claim

via CNN-News18
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Tucker Carlson’s estranged biological mother, Lisa Lombardi, left a hand-written will that bequeathed only one dollar each to Carlson and his brother.

The will was discovered after a California court had already settled the estate, dividing it equally among Lombardi’s surviving husband, Carlson, and his brother.

“Lisa was basically sort of a hippie and a free spirit,” the Vaughan family attorney said.

“She was very liberal and she did not agree with Tucker’s politics. But she stuck the will in the book, everyone forgot about it, and then she passed away.”

The document was found amid a legal dispute over the inheritance of mineral rights left to Lombardi by her mother.

Despite challenges and objections, the will was affirmed as legally valid, ultimately cutting her estranged sons out of the inheritance.

The claim about the will leaving only one dollar to Carlson is true, despite subsequent legal challenges that did not alter the outcome.

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