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Intense Exchange: Putin’s ‘Chilling Stare’ at Tucker Carlson During Weapon Boast

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Vladimir Putin’s recent interview with Tucker Carlson showcased his assertive body language and boastful claims about Russia’s technological and military advancements, including hypersonic systems.

Body language expert Judi James noted Putin’s authoritative gestures and Carlson’s contrasting reactions, highlighting Putin’s ability to dominate the conversation with a historical lecture on Russia’s claims to Ukrainian territory.

“His fingers performed a precision pinch to make his points,” James said.

“His index finger rose to point upward at face level and during some parts of the lecture he raised both index fingers in a more emphatic gesture of authority.”

“His torso bristled with enjoyment at some points although by the end he was leaning to one side of his chair and out towards Carlson, using a chillingly hard stare,” she said.

“The index finger began to waggle once Carlson managed to get some questions in and when he seemed to boast about having ‘Hypersonic strike systems ahead of everyone’ his chest seemed to puff and splay slightly,” James said.

“Carlson’s mouth opened wide as he let out shrieks of nervous-looking laughter but then he was on the receiving end of a two-hour history lecture delivered by Putin in a relentless, animated manner,” James noted.

This marked Putin’s first interview with a Western-based journalist since 2021 and since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine two years ago.

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