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Fitness Guru Jillian Michaels Tears Into Bill Maher For Downplaying Inflation

via NBC
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In a conversation with Bill Maher, a former “Biggest Loser” star criticized the notion that the US emerged economically stronger from the pandemic, citing concerns about inflation.

A survey revealed that many Americans are anxious about high prices, despite a decrease from record highs in 2022.

“But isn’t it amazing to you? Like it was in the paper today, this country came out of the pandemic way better. We won the pandemic, economically,” Maher said.

“We did? I don’t feel that way,” Jillian Michaels said. “Explain it to me. I feel like inflation’s insane.”

“Bill, go buy a car, a house has tripled here, buy some f—–g eggs!” she later added.

Maher emphasized the contrast between public sentiment and economic data, attributing inflation to the massive COVID stimulus plan.

“There’s feelings and then there’s the numbers,” Maher said. “The numbers have come down a lot in the last six months,” he said.

“The big picture is that every other nation in the world [is] much worse off now, and this country, for some reason just chugs f—–g along,” he said.

“Immigration. We are kinda being overrun. Doesn’t seem to effect anything!” Maher quipped.

“Does it eventually implode? Is there going to be a straw? I would say ‘yes,'” Michaels said.

He likened America to a reckless but resilient teenager, while the former star expressed uncertainty about the nation’s future.

Both agreed that some consequences will be manageable, but others won’t.

“I think some of it we’re going to get away with,” Michaels said, “and some of it, we’re not.”

“Absolutely,” Maher said.

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