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Actor Michael Rapaport Admits He Helped Spread Fake Trump Hoax: ‘I Was Wrong’

via YouTube
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Actor Michael Rapaport admitted to promoting the left’s “very fine people” hoax about Trump’s comments on Charlottesville, acknowledging that he was wrong.

He discussed this during an interview on the Patrick Bet David podcast and clarified that the full quote did not align with the narrative he had previously supported.

“One thing about the Charlottesville — that I ranted about, and I was wrong,” Rapaport said. “When you see the full quote, that wasn’t what he said.”

Rapaport also expressed dissatisfaction with President Biden and Vice President Harris, noting that he is considering voting for Trump in the upcoming election.

“I’m not voting for Biden. I’m not voting for Kamala,” he said.

He criticized Governor Gavin Newsom and expressed concerns about the state of California, particularly regarding homelessness and crime.

“I just moved out of Los Angeles. It’s not happening,” he said.

“D— stain Donald Trump, who I had conversations with…? I might vote for that m———–. Oh, yeah, I’ll break your hearts,” he said.

Rapaport has previously indicated the possibility of supporting Trump and has been vocal in his support for Israel, despite the stance of many left-leaning individuals and celebrities.

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