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Kari Lake’s Political Theater: Throws Sinema’s Border Bill In Trash At Presser

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Kari Lake, an Arizona GOP U.S. Senate candidate, strongly criticized the border bill negotiated by Sen. Kyrsten Sinema by throwing it in the trash at a news conference.

She referred to it as the “Invasion Authorization Act” and blamed the Biden administration for the border crisis.

Lake emphasized the need to stop the influx of fentanyl and unvetted individuals across the border.

“We weren’t sure what was going to happen with this bill today. We just got some good news that the Senate, hearing the loud demands and cries of the American people, have looked at this 300 pages of pure garbage and said, ‘we’re not going to let this bill see the light of day,'” Lake said.

“Joe Biden, on day 1 of his administration, pulled back an incredibly effective border policy that was working and keeping the American people safe,” Lake said.

“He pulled that back, and basically told the world to come on over,” she said. “And now we have a crisis on our hands, and we were so hopeful that the folks in the Senate were going to do something good. Give us something good to protect our border.”

Sinema clarified that the 5,000 referred to total migrants attempting to cross the border, not the number allowed into the country.

However, Lake highlighted concerns about exceptions and potential legalization of migrant entries.

“Basically, the invasion would still continue and worse yet, we would be legalizing at least 1.8 million [migrant entries], probably more, each year,” Lake said.

“The American people don’t want to legalize people who break into our country,” Lake said.

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