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‘I am a little puzzled’: Democrat shocked by Justice Dept’s remarks on Biden’s mental health

via The Daily Show
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Rep. Jim Himes criticized Special Counsel Robert Hur’s remarks on President Joe Biden, pointing out that Hur’s report suggested Biden could be seen as a “forgetful old man” if he chose to approach a jury.

Himes questioned why Hur made such statements about the President but not about other witnesses, emphasizing the challenging nature of adversarial questioning and suggesting that Hur’s speculation about a possible defense strategy was unusual.

Rep. Jim Himes said, “Well, there were lots of aspects of this report that raised questions in my mind. What’s getting a lot of attention right now is the Special Counsel’s judgment that, if President Biden chose to do so, he could approach the jury as — I can’t remember the exact language — but as a forgetful old man.”

“The fact that a Special Counsel wrote that about the President, but didn’t write that about any of the other people who testified to him, who he deposed, the fact that the Special Counsel was speculating about a possible defense strategy is pretty wild,” he explained.

“And again, I will point out what should be obvious to everyone, which is, that the President of the United States sat for a deposition — and by the way, nobody wants to sit for a deposition. I don’t know about you, but if you asked me to identify precisely when I was where, what years, etc., under that sort of adversarial questioning, I would have a tough time, even if I hadn’t just reviewed photographs of one of the worst crimes perpetrated against Israel in its history,” Himes said in defense of Biden.

“And so, I am a little puzzled why the Special Counsel chose to make statements that he had no business making,” he concluded.

Himes expressed puzzlement regarding the Special Counsel’s decision to make statements that seemed beyond the scope of his role.

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