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Biden’s Memory Lapses ‘Understandable’ in Face of Tragic Loss, Democrat Says

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Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) responded to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, stating that President Joe Biden’s alleged memory lapse regarding his son’s death was understandable given the president’s preoccupation with the war in the Middle East and the questions he faced.

Rep. Goldman criticized the report as containing slanted, partisan editorializing by a Republican-appointed prosecutor, deeming the material about Biden’s memory as irrelevant and uncalled for.

Rep. Goldman said, “[T]he rest of it was very slanted, partisan editorializing by a Republican-appointed prosecutor. The material that he was talking about his memory was completely irrelevant to what his charging decision was.”

“He was editorializing about why the President wrote his memoirs. Throughout the entire thing, he elides over what are clear exculpatory facts. And the reality is that there is no evidence that the President knew that he had classified materials in his possession when he was not authorized to have them…[s]o, this is 379 pages that really needed about 10 pages to be concluded,” explained the Democrat.

“The extraneous material that he’s talking about his memory — and I think the President did a very good job of refuting it — is not only uncalled for, but unnecessary and personal. Obviously, the President knows when his son died. That was an incredibly traumatic moment for him. If he had a momentary blip where he couldn’t remember it as his mind is racing from the war in the Middle East to the questions that he’s been asking, I think that’s understandable for any of us,” added Goldman.

He emphasized that there is no evidence that the President knowingly possessed classified materials without authorization and defended Biden’s ability to handle the situation.

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