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Wild Tirade By Mayor Defending Herself As ‘Black Woman in Power’

via WGN News
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The Democratic Mayor of Dolton, Illinois, Tiffany Henyard, faced criticism for her spending and transparency.

Her opponents questioned her use of funds and lavish lifestyle, including frequent use of beauty vendors despite the town’s low median income.

During a meeting, she clashed with fellow officials and accused them of attacking her as a Black woman in power.

“You all forget I’m the leader. They want to hear from the mayor. You all ain’t learned that yet. The mayor, not the trustees that don’t do nothing. They only run their mouth. You all don’t do no work, no work!” Henyard said.

“Y’all got false narratives out there, and y’all should be ashamed of y’all selves. Y’all Black. Y’all are Black! And y’all sitting up here beating and attacking on a Black woman that’s in power. Y’all should be ashamed of y’all selves,” she later said.

Reports detailed significant taxpayer spending on trips and accommodations for Henyard and her allies, with little explanation provided.

“Township credit card records show Henyard and other officials spent more than $67,000 on trips to Portland, Austin, Atlanta and New York City. Many of the flights were first class. So were the accommodations. In Atlanta, Henyard and her team stayed at the Four Seasons hotel costing taxpayers more than $9,000. In New York, the bill came to $13,000,” reports noted.

“Everything we do is for the people. But we’re under attack. We get scrutinized by the media,” Henyard said. “For what? Loving on the people? Showing that they matter to us? We going through the fires for you all.”

The Illinois Attorney General has given her a deadline to demonstrate how funds are spent or face legal action.

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