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Unpacking the Reasons Behind Tucker’s Interview with Putin

via Tucker Carlson
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Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a transgender individual serving in Kyiv’s armed forces, has accused Tucker Carlson of being the “Kremlin’s favorite court eunuch” and an “enemy of humanity” after his trip to Russia to interview Vladimir Putin.

Ashton-Cirillo’s comments have sparked concern among American lawmakers, and their bombastic rhetoric, including public threats, has raised questions about ties to the U.S. government or intelligence agencies.

“Despite trying to project an alpha male attitude, Tucker Carlson has shown time and again he is simply the Kremlin’s favourite court eunuch,” Ashton-Cirillo said.

“Tucker’s inability to decipher fact from fiction makes him better suited to host a reboot of The Twilight Zone than be given the opportunity to engage in the rambling theories favoured by war criminals such as Vlad Putin.”

“Carlson isn’t just an enemy of democracy, he is an enemy of humanity itself,” Asthon-Cirillo said.

The accusations come amid the imprisonment and subsequent death of American citizen journalist Gonzalo Lira in a Ukrainian prison, with Ashton-Cirillo previously admitting involvement in Lira’s trial and asserting his status as a “war criminal.”

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