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Pope Preaches Tolerance: LGBT Blessings Blessed Despite Backlash

via Washington Post
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Pope Francis defended his decision to allow priests to bless same-sex couples, calling criticism of the move “hypocrisy.”

He argued that blessing a homosexual is no different from blessing a businessman who exploits people, and has emphasized that the blessings do not constitute formal Church approval for same-sex unions.

“Nobody gets scandalised if I give my blessings to a businessman who perhaps exploits people, and this is a very grave sin. But they get scandalised if I give them to a homosexual,” Francis said.

“This is hypocrisy.”

The move has faced significant resistance in the Catholic Church, particularly from African bishops, who have rejected the decision and strongly oppose homosexuality.

“When a couple comes forward spontaneously to ask for them, one does not bless the union, but simply the people who together have requested it. Not the union, but the persons,” Francis said in January 2024.

Pope Francis has made it his mission to promote a more welcoming and less judgmental Catholic Church, but this has been met with backlash from conservatives who believe it undermines the Church’s moral teachings.

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