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‘Pawn Stars’ Boss Rick Harrison Blasts Biden’s Border Policies After Son’s Death

via FOX
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Rick Harrison, star of Pawn Stars, criticized Joe Biden’s administration for its handling of the border crisis following his son’s fentanyl overdose.

He praised Donald Trump’s efforts to combat fentanyl trafficking and called for stricter measures, including arresting and penalizing those involved in fentanyl distribution.

Harrison said, “He’s an incredible individual. He wants to do something about this.”

“There’s so many different places you have to start at, all at once, but one of the major ones is get the damn stuff out of the country and stop making it so cheap to get high,” he continued.

“My understanding is it’s like $5 to buy a fentanyl pill. Anybody can afford it. I mean, make it difficult,” added the reality star.

“Let’s start arresting the people selling it, arresting the people bringing it over the border, close down the border, make it really expensive. Let’s make a fentanyl death rare,” charged Harrison.

“It’s insane because they’re letting it happen. They’re literally letting it happen. They’re not doing anything about it. So they’re complicit in all these deaths,” he added.

“Nothing is getting done about it. It’s the equivalent of a 737 loaded with passengers crashing every single day. That’s how many people die from it. And, you know, the politicians don’t want to talk about it. The news doesn’t want to talk about it. A big part of is politics. I mean, we know where it’s all coming from. It’s all coming right across the border, and they won’t do anything about it. I mean, they’re doing nothing,” explained Harrison.

He continued, “Literally, we have a government that’s suing the state saying, ‘No, you can’t block tons of people coming into this country’. We don’t know what they’re carrying on them. And we don’t know what kind of people they are. It’s insanity. I mean, we just need common sense. I think any drug dealer that sells fentanyl, I mean, they should get at least manslaughter charges. Just selling the stuff should be attempted murder. I mean, it’s that bad and nothing’s being done about it.”

Harrison emphasized the need to address the border issue, criticized liberal drug policies, and questioned the allocation of funds to Ukraine instead of addressing domestic issues.

“You take Ukraine. I mean, we could have built like 10 border walls. We could have fixed the freeways in this country,” explained the reality star.

“For all the money we gave them, there’s so many things we could have fixed,” he lamented.

“I think there was one figure — we could have gave every homeless veteran $1 million for the money we’re spending over there. I mean, think about that. We’re doing nothing for homeless veterans, but we’re giving credit cards to illegal aliens, housing them for free and sending all this money to Ukraine,” concluded Harrison.

He also advocated for tougher penalties for fentanyl-related crimes and highlighted the impact of the drug on U.S. cities.

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