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Marilyn Monroe and DiMaggio: The Original Taylor and Travis

via CNN
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There is a long history of public’s fascination with celebrity-sports couples, particularly the relationships between Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, and Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Michelle Vogel wrote, “Times have changed, for sure, but the impact of a movie star and a sports star (Marilyn/Joe) and a music star and a sports star (Taylor/Travis) will always have the capacity to fascinate the public.”

The Washington Post wrote at the time, “The introduction of DiMaggio, who retired only after last season, rocked the massive stadium.”

“I took time out for a side trip to New York and last Saturday saw Joe play for the first time,” Monroe reportedly said.

Vogel wrote, “Monroe was on the rise to stardom.”

“There was an age difference and a career difference. DiMaggio, on the way out. Monroe, on the way up,” she explained.

Hollywood gossip columnist Sheilah Graham wrote in 1952, “Marilyn Monroe won’t be able to marry Joe DiMaggio right away, even if she wants to.”

“Starting this week, Monroe plunges into 50 poster sittings and 40 fan-magazine layouts. Every paper and periodical in the country is clamoring for more of Marilyn,” she continued.

ESPN’s Larry Schwartz previously asked, “What American male wouldn’t sell his soul to the devil to duplicate the exacta that Jolting Joe accomplished — play center field for the Yankees and marry the sexiest woman on the planet?”

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