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GOP Calls to Invoke 25th Amendment Over Biden’s Mental Acuity

via Sky News
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Republican officials are calling for the invocation of the 25th Amendment following Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, which highlighted President Joe Biden’s mental deterioration and potential mishandling of classified documents.

Rep. Mary Miller said, “For the safety of our nation, Joe Biden must resign.”

“He could not remember basic facts about his life. He is not competent to remain as Commander-in-Chief & every day that he remains, he puts America at risk,” she continued.

“If he won’t resign, the Cabinet must invoke the 25th Amendment,” added the lawmaker.

Sen. Mike Lee wrote, “If ever there were a time to invoke the 25th Amendment, wouldn’t that time be now?”

“The Special Counsel’s report exposing that Joe Biden’s mental decline is so severe that he can not stand trial means he is unfit for office,” commented Rep. Marjory Taylor Greene.

“We must demand either the 25th amendment be invoked or impeachment, “ added MTG.

Sen. Josh Hawley wrote, “Time for the 25th Amendment.”

“Biden doesn’t remember his time as VP? But somehow he’s qualified to be President for another 4 years?” he later added.

“This report labels Biden as a ‘well meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,’” continued Hawley.

“Who will be the first patriotic Democrat in Congress to state the obvious and – for the good of the country – invoke the 25th Amendment,” he concluded.

Rep. Mike Collins said, “Never been a stronger case for the 25th amendment than right now.”

They emphasize concerns about Biden’s competence to lead the country and urge for his resignation or the use of the 25th Amendment.

The report’s detailed examples and assessments of Biden’s memory decline, including his inability to recall significant events, have intensified worries about his cognitive acuity and fitness for office, with polls showing substantial public concerns about his health and mental state.

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