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Even Bill Maher Knows Biden Could Fix Border Crisis

via Piers Morgan Uncensored
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Bill Maher, host of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” criticizes both Republicans and Democrats for their handling of the border crisis, stating that President Biden could stop the influx of illegal immigrants but chooses not to.

Maher emphasized that the president has the authority to address the issue without needing new laws.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu agreed, stating that Border Patrol acknowledges this fact.

“Part two of the acting is Joe Biden saying, ‘You know what, if you just give me a new law.’ A new law? Why doesn’t — the president can fix this. He already has the existing laws,” Maher said.

“This is all so silly. ‘I need a piece of paper from Congress to deal with the border.’ No, you already have that.”

“And Border Patrol will tell that to you right to your face,” Sununu said.

Maher’s comments were applauded, and even House Speaker Mike Johnson acknowledged that President Biden has the power to address the border situation.

“Even Bill Maher gets it. President Biden absolutely has the authority right now to fix the catastrophe he’s created at the border,” Johnson wrote.

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