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Donald Trump Jr. Blasts Special Counsel for Refusing to Prosecute ‘Impaired Memory’ Biden

via CBS
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Donald Trump Jr. criticized Special Counsel Robert Hur’s decision not to prosecute President Joe Biden for mishandling classified documents, emphasizing Biden’s reported memory impairment.

Trump Jr. questioned how an individual with such memory issues and confusion could remain president, highlighting the potential legal consequences for mishandling classified information.

Don Jr. said, “Just so we’re clear, folks, according to Special Counsel ‘this wasn’t a setup at all but really objective’ Special Counsel’ Hur, Joe Biden’s memory is significantly impaired.”

“This was eight years ago when he mishandled documents knowingly as a citizen – classified documents. That would be seriously illegal for anyone other than Democrat elites, ok. Trump gets to go to jail for like 700 years for, quote,, mishandling his own government’s documents that he had the full authority to declassify,” he continued.

“Joe Biden had none of that ability, but he’s old and his memory is impaired. This is according to the Special Counsel,” emphasized Don Jr..

“So that’s ok. That’s why he doesn’t have to obey the laws,” he charged.

“What I wonder is, how is it possible for Joe Biden to be old and have an impaired memory and continue to be the president of United States — the leader of the free world, the man who’s supposed to have his finger on the nuclear button or who you call at three o’clock in the morning when really bad stuff happens?” asked the former president’s son.

“You could not have those two things coexist simultaneously,” he added.

Don Jr. said, “And yet, in the world of today’s Democrats, that’s exactly what you have. You have an old and cognitively impaired president. That’s fine. But even eight years ago, when he was probably less impaired, he was so impaired that he was not aware that he was actually breaking serious laws in handling and mishandling classified documents, leaving them around his Corvette and the garage that Hunter Biden had access to and the CCP-funded Penn Center where he had his offices where it was paid a lot of money to do nothing and never show up.”

“You know, just your average day in Democrat-controlled America, folks,” he mocked.

“Get used to it if we don’t push back,” he warned.

He expressed concerns about Biden’s ability to lead and handle critical responsibilities, referencing the report’s description of Biden as an elderly man with memory challenges.

The report detailed instances where Biden could not recall key events, further fueling Trump Jr.’s criticism of Biden’s fitness for office.

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