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Democrat Says Why He Refuses to Lead Pledge of Allegiance

via WKRN News 2
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Tennessee state Rep. Justin Jones faced demands to resign after refusing to lead the Pledge of Allegiance, citing “performative patriotism” and criticizing Republican colleagues.

He and another Democrat were initially expelled but later reinstated.

Jones wrote, “I couldn’t bring myself to join their performative patriotism as they continue to support an insurrectionist for president and undermine liberty and justice for all.”

Jones’ actions, including standing on a police car during a Black Lives Matter protest, have sparked controversy.

Some criticized his unpatriotic stance, while others supported his decision.

Jones said, “A state in which the Ku Klux Klan was founded is now attempting another power grab by silencing the two youngest black representatives.”

“The fact that you won’t pledge your allegiance to the very country you swore an oath of allegiance to is grounds for your termination,” commented a user.

“There was no insurrection. Unless you’re referring to yours,” commented another.

“You should resign and go back to college where they approve of temper tantrums. You’re a pathetic spoiled child and you’re humiliating yourself, your family and our country. We’re done with clowns like you!” chastised a third user.

Despite the backlash, Jones maintained his position, considering the pledge as mere “performance.”

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