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CNN’s Begala: Biden Forgot Time of Son’s Death Because of ‘Stress’

via FOX
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CNN Political Commentator Paul Begala defended President Joe Biden’s memory in response to remarks in the special counsel report, suggesting that people under oath are cautious with their statements and that Biden’s alleged memory lapses are consistent with his past behavior.

Begala also emphasized the need for the White House to increase Biden’s public appearances to counter perceptions of his age and mental acuity.

Begala said, “People who have been under oath are really, really careful. And so, sometimes they say, I can’t remember if they’re not absolutely precise. And the notion that he’d forgotten that his son died? No. He was probably just under a lot of stress. It was the worst day of his life.”

He later added, “I’ve known Biden over 30 years, he was the same way 30 years ago. The gaps are built into the Biden appeal or the Biden dislike. He’s been the same guy.”

He labeled the special counsel’s remarks as a “cheap shot” and reiterated that Biden’s verbal gaffes have been a longstanding aspect of his personality.

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